Exploring Global Feminism

Join us as we journey through (a brief) history of concepts across the world and contextualise theory, action and aims of feminist thinkers, scholars and activists.

What’s on the Menu? The Cultural Meaning and Principles of Japanese Cuisine

What can we learn from Japanese food culture? How can we create balance through our meals? What should we consider to transform our routine around food preparation to improve our health and wellbeing? Join us for this wonderful conversation bringing together culinary art with ancient Japanese philosophy.


Politics in Contemporary Art

This lecture will draw parallels between contemporary artists who are using their creative practices to bring to light political issues of present day.

Nuances of Latin American Art

Latin American art covers a vast geographic area and includes a variety of diverse cultures. In this talk we will focus on the contemporary art scene.

The Art of Arab Dress

A new talk dedicated to the exploration of regional culture and heritage through learning about traditional women's clothing in the Arab world.