How American Movies Influence Our Way of Thinking?

The Creative Enemy: Storytelling and Culture. It was the perfect story until the irony was lost. A discussion about cultural history, storytelling in art, artists, American pop culture stereotypes, and what is a good story. In this lecture, we will be exploring the story of the American culture through cinematography, and how it can influence...


How to Read a Painting?

'How to Read a Painting' is an interactive online art talk, helping people understand how to analyse the story, colour, gaps, symbolism, texture, title etc.


Contemporary Art of Japan (webinar)

Join us for this special lecture on Contemporary Art of Japan and explore its surprising commonalities with Western art and culture.

Installation Art

Looking beyond 2D and 3D art, we will explore artists who create windows into new worlds through their immersive art works. Key artists we will explore are Yayoi Kusama, James Turrell, Olafur Eliasson.


The Sacred Art Of Transformative Spaces

We'll study the principles of the design practices such as Feng Shui, Vaastu Shastra and more, which have helped human beings create transformative spaces.


The Great Divide: Eastern & Western Philosophy

Join our online event where Dr Julian Baggini will discuss the most fundamental concepts of Eastern and Western philosophy and learn how ideas of self and others affect our life views, perceptions and decisions.


Exploring Global Feminism

Join us as we journey through (a brief) history of concepts across the world and contextualise theory, action and aims of feminist thinkers, scholars and activists.


What’s on the Menu? The Cultural Meaning and Principles of Japanese Cuisine

What can we learn from Japanese food culture? How can we create balance through our meals? What should we consider to transform our routine around food preparation to improve our health and wellbeing? Join us for this wonderful conversation bringing together culinary art with ancient Japanese philosophy.


Politics in Contemporary Art

This lecture will draw parallels between contemporary artists who are using their creative practices to bring to light political issues of present day.


Nuances of Latin American Art

Latin American art covers a vast geographic area and includes a variety of diverse cultures. In this talk we will focus on the contemporary art scene.


Feminism in Performance

This 1h talk aims to look at case studies of performance art, comedy and theatre as a part of feminist movement.

£10 – £35