Cuban Art III: Cuban Art After the Revolution – Full Package

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This is the third talk of Cuban Art series (5 classes in total) which is designed as an exciting journey through the history of art of the region. We encourage you to take the advantage of the whole package and book ‘Cuban Art Course’ ticket at a discount rate (video recordings from previous talks are included).

Lecture three will look at how Cuban art transformed after the triumph of Castro’s 1959 Revolution. As well as discussing the context of the period, we will see how Cuban photography and art was produced to support the Revolution. Specific focus will be given to the works of Alberto Korda, Raúl Martinez and Servando Cabrero Moreno. The lecture will look at the hope that the Revolution inspired and how art eventually became a form of propaganda for the State and the way in which artists were gradually censored during the 1970s and the quinquenio gris. This section of the lecture will look at the works of Antonia Eiriz, Flavio Garciandia and Umberto Peña.

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