Japanese Calligraphy: 茶 Cha

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This is a series of workshops designed to explore Japanese culture through the art of calligraphy and language. We will meet bi-weekly, slowly moving from season to season and uncovering new characters, rituals, concepts and beliefs deeply rooted in Japanese lifestyle. Each event we will centre around a new symbol: we will learn its meaning, discuss a poem about it, meditate and experience the power of the concept through calligraphy practice. 
We will finalise our spring season with the last calligraphy session and the character 茶 Cha (Tea). Early May is the time to harvest tea leaves. Around 2nd of May is Hachi Ju Hachi Ya – the 88th day from the first spring day according to the traditional Japanese calendar, marking the transition to the new season when the plants and flowers start sprouting and that includes tea leaves. This is the date when new tea leaves are harvested to make the finest grade Matcha tea. It is a ceremonial event and it is believed that drinking tea buds picked on the eighty eight day will bring all the energy contained in the new tea leaves for longevity. There is an old saying: ‘The tea leaves harvested on Hachi ju Hachi ya will keep us away from illness and give us a long life.’
About the series:
During the short meditation you will be invited to a moment of alignment between your body and soul, to find a channel through which you can listen to your inner voice. This approach helps to concentrate and sense the power of now.
This calligraphy session doesn’t have a goal to master the technique or achieve excellence in the process. Instead, what you are more likely to gain after this session is a state of peace, a feeling of wholeness, a sense of alignment.
For the more immersive experience, please, prepare calligraphy tools before the session: we will use calligraphy ink, a brush and several sheets of paper. If you already have them from previous events with Azumi Uchitani – you can continue using them. If not – you can order a calligraphy kit online or purchase items at your local art store.
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