Japanese Calligraphy: Winter Sessions – Full Package

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This is a winter series of workshops designed to explore Japanese culture through the art of calligraphy and language. We will meet bi-weekly, slowly moving from season to season and uncovering new characters, rituals, concepts and beliefs deeply rooted in Japanese lifestyle. Each event we will centre around a new symbol: we will learn its meaning, discuss a poem about it, meditate and experience the power of the concept through calligraphy practice. 
The package covers all 4 winter sessions. Guests will receive instructions how to join each session about 24h before the event.
For the more immersive experience, please, prepare calligraphy tools before the session: we will use calligraphy ink, a brush and several sheets of paper. If you already have them from previous events with Azumi Uchitani – you can continue using them. If not – you can order a calligraphy kit online or purchase items at your local art store.
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