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In collaboration with Book Club Bunch we are excited to announce new events: poetry pop ups! As before, join us as we delve into literary works and enjoy masterpieces read out loud by amazing actors!

In January, we will explore the theme of hope and renewal. We will consider a wide interpretation of ‘hope’ that can be affected both from within and from without; from beauty as well as purpose.  The poems picked for this event feature very different styles and span almost 200 years, but each offers a unique take on the theme and will invigorate us for the new year.


During this session we will explore these poems:

I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud (1807) William Wordsworth

‘Hope’ is The Thing with Feathers (1891) Emily Dickinson

To be of Use (1982) Marge Piercy

Won’t you Celebrate with me (1993) Lucille Clifton


Unlike other book clubs that expect participants to read in advance and prepare for the conversation, we welcome anyone to join the meetings without any preparation. You just have to be there and enjoy the finest works of poetry, read aloud by professional actors and English literature scholars.

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