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Shinto and Environment – General Admission

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Shinto is a native philosophy and spiritual system in Japan. The origin of the word means ‘the way of God’. Shinto emphasises relationships with nature, land and environment as a gateway to our higher selves. The belief regards a divine spirit (kami) to live in trees, mountains, deep waters and even seasons .The nature becomes a divinity itself and the major principle revolves around the concept of living in harmony with the environment. Shinto consists of reverence and gratitude to the land, it’s nature, and the life that these natural elements give to human beings.
Although Shinto does not have iconic leaders or dogmas (except mythological figures), there are rules and rituals observed by its followers. The main purpose of such spiritual practices is to purify our body, mind and spirit and elevate our soul vibrations. This is seen as the way to connect with kami.

As we face global environmental problems, Shinto principles of not only appreciating nature, but recognising that nature is the source of life, gain critical importance. Self-awareness, purification of thoughts and intentions, ethics rooted in respect to nature revives old wisdom which seems to be so relevant today.

Join our talk about Shinto beliefs and rituals which we can adopt in our modern lives and the ways to strengthen our connection to nature.

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