The Unholy History of Lycanthropy – FREE (LIMITED)

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A baleful presence on the primal fringes of Western culture, the werewolf remains one of the most intriguing – and misunderstood – of the world’s mythical monsters. In a sister talk to his previous investigation into the lineage of Halloween’s best loved – and dreaded – creatures of the night, author, journalist, and occult historian Gavin Baddeley focuses on his favourite monster. Gavin’s last book was on werewolves, and in tonight’s compelling, and oft-gruesome talk, Gavin will share some of the insights his research gave him into this fascinating subject.
Our journey takes us from ritual cannibalism in Ancient Greece, to the final bloody days of the Third Reich, via Viking drug frenzies, post-medieval murder trials, and the myth-making of modern Hollywood. In the process, Gavin will separate authentic lycanthrope lore from fanciful fiction, to argue that in an unexpected – but very real – sense, the werewolf still walks amongst us!..
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