APRIL, 2021

Thursday, 15th

6-7 PM (BST)

The art of calligraphy, or of beautiful writing, plays a very special role in the Islamicate world. Through a selection of poems, wise sayings, and visuals, this lecture aims to provide a window into the beauty of this living art form through the poetic imaginary.

Wednesday, 21st

6-7 PM (BST)

Join us for this fascinating talk and learn how a simple act like tea making can help you to slow down, absorb the imperfection of what is in life and take a moment to rebuild your own sense of balance.

Japanese tea ceremony set

Thursday, 22nd

6-7 PM (BST)

Ecofeminism uses a view of the world that respects organic processes, holistic connections and the merit of intuition and collaboration. This philosophy of seeing Mother Earth and women in a similar way suggests that we have to reconsider norms, start valuing nature as sacred, recognise our dependency on Earth and embraces all lives as valuable. More details will follow soon.

Thursday, 29th

6.30-7.30 PM (BST)

In this talk we will discuss stories which have a power to change a price tag of an artwork considerably. From fascinating examples showing how art provenance can impact the value of art to stories about forgeries explaining why we value original painting so much more than even a masterfully done copy.

Dollar sign colourful print by Andy Warhol

MAY, 2021

Thursday, 6th

6.00-7.00 PM (BST)

Chinese language is perceived to be difficult due to its written system. What is the story behind Chinese characters? From its history, calligraphy and linguistic features, this lecture offers you a comprehensive understanding of the beauty of Chinese characters and some tips to get started.

Chinese characters, symbols on red paper scrolls

Thursday, 13th

6.00-7.00 PM (BST)

Feminism and the extremity of thought. This talk will examine radical thinkers, the definition of the word radical in relation to gender equality and means by which to situate other feminist thinkers in different parts of the world in context with different societal standards of radical change.

Thursday, 20th

6.00-7.00 PM (BST)

Arab fashion is a statement, just like it is in the West, but garments have a stronger social and moral dimension, too. It is a great way to express cultural identity for each Arab nation and it is one of the greatest ways for foreigners to learn about the ethnic differences.

Thursday, 26th

6.00-7.00 PM (BST)

In this talk we will explore Japanese art and examine how we can embrace and cherish both – femininity and masculinity in our life. We will also study Japanese Samurai to appreciate their approach, how to be a warrior during times of war and how to show compassion, care and civilian duty during times of peace.

Japanese samurai girl holding a sward

JUNE, 2021

Thursday, 03rd

6.00-7.00 PM (BST)

After working on several art projects revealing dramatic ecological effects of overconsumption, pollution and waste, photographer, producer and popular TED speaker, Chris Jordan finds the solution in beauty. Join our online talk and celebrate World Environment Day exploring alternative, peaceful and sustainable approaches to environmental issues.

Dead bird and plastic art