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Woman creating calligraphy writing and man holding ink bottle - element of wall fresco in Chehel Sotun Palace, Isfahan, Iran

The Language of the Hand: Poetic Imagery in Arabic Calligraphy

The art of calligraphy, or of beautiful writing, plays a very special role in the Islamicate world. Through a selection of poems, wise sayings, and visuals, this lecture aims to provide a window into the beauty of this living art form through the poetic imaginary.

Miniature art by Argentinian artist Lilliana Porter

Nuances of Latin American Art

Latin American art covers a vast geographic area and includes a variety of diverse cultures. In this talk we will focus on the contemporary art scene.

Street art 'Feminists don't wear pink'

Exploring Global Feminism

Join us as we journey through (a brief) history of concepts across the world and contextualise theory, action and aims of feminist thinkers, scholars and activists.

Black and white photo of a woman taking of her mask

Feminism in Performance

This 1h talk aims to look at case studies of performance art, comedy and theatre as a part of feminist movement.

Blue painting of a woman as Mother Earth

Feminism: Mother Earth

Examining the case for Environmental Feminism and exploring connection between climate change and feminism

A ceramic hybrid plate contains two parts of Eastern and Western decor

The Great Divide: Eastern & Western Philosophy

Join our online event where Dr Julian Baggini will discuss the most fundamental concepts of Eastern and Western philosophy, and learn how ideas of self and others affect our life views, perceptions and decisions.