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Cindy Sherman artwork

Exploring Gender through Art

For LGBT Pride Month we will be hosting a lecture on Exploring Gender through contemporary art. In this session we will focus on artists who have radically transformed the way sexuality and gender are portrayed in art, challenging what was once deemed to be taboo topics and confronting the viewers to revaluate their preconceptions.

Japanese samurai girl holding a sward

Embracing Femininity and Masculinity: Lessons from Japan

In this talk we will explore Japanese art and examine how we can embrace and cherish both - femininity and masculinity in our life. We will also study Japanese Samurai to appreciate their approach, how to be a warrior during times of war and how to show compassion, care and civilian duty during times of peace.

Dead bird and plastic art

Down To Earth: The Power Of Beauty To Change Us and Our Planet

After working on several art projects revealing dramatic ecological effects of overconsumption, pollution and waste, Chris Jordan finds the solution in beauty. Join our online talk and celebrate World Environment Day exploring alternative, peaceful and sustainable approaches to environmental issues.

Woman creating calligraphy writing and man holding ink bottle - element of wall fresco in Chehel Sotun Palace, Isfahan, Iran

The Language of the Hand: Poetic Imagery in Arabic Calligraphy

The art of calligraphy, or of beautiful writing, plays a very special role in the Islamicate world. Through a selection of poems, wise sayings, and visuals, this lecture aims to provide a window into the beauty of this living art form through the poetic imaginary.

Black and white photo of a woman and Arabic pattern fabric

The Art of Arab Dress

A new talk dedicated to the exploration of regional culture and heritage through learning about traditional women's clothing in the Arab world

Miniature art by Argentinian artist Lilliana Porter

Nuances of Latin American Art

Latin American art covers a vast geographic area and includes a variety of diverse cultures. In this talk we will focus on the contemporary art scene.

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