Exclusive art experiences

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Capturing the moment at TATE Modern

Join a captivating journey through the treasures of Tate’s art collection in London, guided by our expert art historian. Explore the stories, techniques, and hidden gems that breathe life into iconic masterpieces.

Sotheby's entrance
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Private behind-the-scenes tour of one of the leading art auction houses 

Unlock the secrets of the art world with an exclusive invitation to a private behind-the-scenes tour of one of London’s foremost auction houses. Discover hidden treasures, meet art specialists, and gain unique insights into the art market’s inner workings.

Apsley house
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Apsley House Private Visit

Step into history with our exclusive tour and explore the opulent former residence of the Duke of Wellington after hours. You’ll embark on a guided tour led by an architectural historian, uncovering the rich heritage of Apsley House. For a deeper immersion, add a fashion historian to your journey, and make this a unique opportunity to experience aristocratic London’s grandeur and living history at its finest.

Unlock a world of exclusive art experiences with us!

Choose any program from our diverse portfolio. But why stop there? Contact us, and we’ll craft a tailor-made, bespoke art experience that perfectly suits your needs and desires: from exploring renowned London street art and getting hands-on with spray cans to indulging in an immersive contemporary art weekend at a French château. With a network of art historians, jewellery designers, fashion experts, chefs, and other creative professionals, we can curate a one-of-a-kind program anywhere in Europe.

Reach out and let us transform your artistic aspirations into unforgettable memories.

Frameless Van Gogh
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Indulge in a captivating artistic odyssey at Frameless with your personal guide. Our exclusive offering allows you to enjoy a fully private experience before the gallery opens its doors to the public, ensuring an intimate and crowd-free exploration of the artwork.

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Afternoon tea with the experts

Indulge in an exclusive afternoon tea experience, where a seasoned gemologist unveils the world of exquisite jewels at your table. Elevate it further with a discussion on royal fashion led by a fashion historian, promising an enlightening and cherished experience for both jewellery enthusiasts and fashion aficionados.

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Jewellery Workshop

Discover the art of sustainable jewellery design at the heart of London, with an esteemed jewellery designer who will help you create your own personalised piece! Immerse yourself in the rich history of monograms and crests, then craft your own unique design to be engraved on a piece from designer’s signet collection.

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