What is LEVEL Membership?

While the vast majority of our online talks remain freely accessible to all, we aspired to go beyond. Our desire was to foster deeper engagement with our audience, offer more content and insights, create additional space to hear our guests’ thoughts and to give them flexibility to enjoy all materials in their own time. Driven by this vision, we have introduced a membership subscription.

1. It takes 2 minutes to subscribe & unlock all the benefits

2. You can cancel your membership anytime – no questions asked

3. Membership costs £15 per month

4. Your membership contributions help us continue developing high quality events accessible to everyone


More benefits for members:

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Video archive

Unlimited Access

Watch any event you like whenever you like: access all available video recordings free of charge.

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Curated insights

Exclusive Content

Dive into our monthly themes with exclusive recommendations & insights prepared just for you.

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special events

Private Invitations

Get invited to our ‘members-only’ events, discussions and calligraphy workshops.

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flexible booking

Guaranteed Reservation

Enjoy the flexibility of joining events at the last moment – we will always keep a spot for you, even if the event is booked-out.

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community circle

Like-minded People

Join our community chat and stay in touch with LEVEL members and educators.

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we’ve got your back!

Prompt customer support

Whether you encounter a technical issue, want to discuss an idea, or need help finding a video— we are here to assist you within 24 hours!


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When will I be able start enjoying my benefits?

As soon as you join as a member, you will have an immediate access to our video archive and exclusive content pages. Also, within 24h you will receive a welcome email containing all the essential links.

Do memberships expire?

No, all memberships are billed on a recurring schedule. Your membership will automatically renew every month starting from the date of your initial purchase.

How can I terminate my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time by accessing your member profile.

Do you have more questions? – Get in touch!

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