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Below you will find monthly themes that we have explored (or are discussing right now) linked to special content pages offering recommendations and insights hand-picked exclusively for our members. Click on the theme and dive into a collection of carefully selected resources!



This theme offers a selection of events discussing universal visual language of signs and symbols. From deciphering ancient symbols with profound mythological significance to examining contemporary symbols of resistance and unity, this monthly theme is an engaging exploration into the intricate world of unique codes.


Throughout the month we will discuss enigmatic human psyche. Why do we tend to hide secrets? What kind of societal secrets are we holding? And why are confessions perceived to have a transformative effect on us?


This time we will explore contemporary heroes, icons, and idols who have left an indelible mark on modern culture. From innovators and influential thought leaders to beloved cultural icons and remarkable influencers in various fields, we’ll delve into the spectrum of individuals who have inspired us in the 21st century.


In February we will explore a powerful interplay of human experiences – pain and pleasure. Through visual art, literature, cinematography and other creative expressions, this theme will address a complexity of human emotions and will invite guests to reflect on their personal experience.


Comedy and satire – join our talks to discuss the the profound impact that laughter has on individuals and societies. We will not only celebrate the language of humour but also delve into its power to foster connection, relieve stress, and challenge societal norms.


Join us as we dive into the enchanting world of youth as depicted in various artistic and cultural expressions. From examining the symbolism of innocence in paintings to unraveling the coming-of-age narratives in literature, let’s celebrate the representations of childhood across different cultures and time periods.



As we make our resolutions for 2023, let’s pause for a second and think about our ideals. Why do we aspire to achieve more? What defines our ambitions? And what does it really mean to be successful?


The power of imagination is certainly unstoppable: dreams, utopias, ideologies and new inventions. This collection examines the beauty of creative ideas as well as risks they can pose to our own lives.


This page examines everything Japanese and combines our findings with recommendations shared by our wonderful community.


Our memories shape our identities. From family photo album, to our identity documents, to our collective memory which we share with others – everything contributes to the final portrait of who we are and how we see ourselves.


Perhaps there is no more debatable topic that what is beautiful and what is not. Join our tour across cultures to identify different perspectives on how beauty and ugliness are defined, whether it’s physical or ethical.


It is easy to think about art and culture as something fine and pretty. However, what is ‘normal’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘proper’? We invite you to join us as we learn from lives of outsiders, oppressed, misunderstood & those who don’t fit.


We will explore various perspectives on materialism and ask ourselves questions related to our bodies, biology, our immediate surrounding (world of ‘things’) and environment we live in.


What makes us different from others? Why do we tend to bond within a group and compete outside of the group? The concept of “us vs them” refers to the division between groups or individuals based on perceived differences, leading to a sense of opposition or conflict. How can we overcome differences and build bridges?


The concept of the future is deeply ingrained in human nature, driving our aspirations and shaping our actions. As sentient beings, we possess an innate curiosity about what lies ahead and a natural inclination to plan, innovate, and strive for progress as well as adapt our today tactics.


This theme examines the concept of home: what do we call home, what does it mean to belong to a community and how familial connections are expressed in different cultures.


Despite of rich variety of forms, love relationships in humanity hold a profound significance as they epitomise the essence of human connection and emotional bonding. This theme explores the universal power of Love to inspire, heal, and bring immense joy and fulfilment to people’s lives.


The sense of transcending represents a profound experience where individuals surpass the boundaries of their ordinary existence, reaching a state that goes beyond the physical or mundane. It involves a deep connection with something greater than oneself, whether it be spiritual, intellectual, or emotional.

Sept – Dec 2022


Our desire for peace and security is one of the most fundamental needs. What can we learn from art, history and foreign cultures about perspectives on peace-building? And what role inner peace plays in it?


We explore what it means to be free and what kind of freedom we value most: freedom of expressions, freedom from oppression or social norms, freedom from attachments or something completely different?


Consumption is often associated with consumerism and has a negative image. However, we all consume media, news, art and even literature – is it all that bad? This theme focuses on various types of consumption and their effect on our lives.


This theme offers a space to think about what makes us human: emotions, creativity, moral..? Who are we and what sets us apart from technological advances (like AI)?

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