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Drag queen with a blue hair

A Brief History of Drag

This Pride month join us as we explore the history of cross-dressing, drag and performance intent on queering gender expression. We will delve into the vast array of genres in which drag has appeared, investigate drag kings, queens, things, bio queens and creature drag and discuss the future of the art form given its meteoric rise.

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Colourful graphic image of people representing minority groups

Intersectionality: Past, Present and Future

Intersectionality was originally coined to refer to double oppression and was adopted by the black feminist movement before becoming mainstream.  Today it has been repurposed to reflect the many diverse facets of our identities. Join us for a study of black feminism and the evolution of intersectionality. 

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Wood print Japanese woman prepares to make calligraphy

Japanese Calligraphy as Guided Meditation

We are inviting you to join our unique event - Calligraphic Meditation. We will focus on practicing Japanese calligraphy in a very mindful way: drawing symbols and characters from the core of our bodies, aligning posture, breathing and senses, focusing on our inner emotional state, we will create a channel to release our inner feelings.

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Typing machine on an old wooden table

Creative Writing for Meaning

The art of writing is the art of finding meaning. How do writers convey their meaning to reach out to an universal audience? How do artists do the same? In this hour-long talk, we will take a look at two things: images as writing prompts and creative nonfiction as a literary technique in the craft of life writing.

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Feminist Art

Feminist Art

Exploring how feminist artists are addressing concerns of  race, class, privilege, and gender identity in their work today.

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Samurai helmet

Bushido Code: The Principles of the Samurai

Bushidō or the “Way of the Warrior” is the code of chivalrous behaviour followed by Japanese Samurai. Over time bushido became the basis of Japanese ethics that was thought to the entire society. Bushido code had an influence on many areas of life in Japan, from art and philosophy to Japanese tea ceremonies and craftsmanship. 

Naked black woman on a bed - artwork by Mickalene Thomas

A Brief History of Feminist Art

Feminist artists aimed to rewrite male-dominated art history and the tradition of seeing women as objects for male pleasure. Battle for gender equality and equal opportunities, led by the feminist art movement helped female artists gain grander recognition, in a male-dominated world of art. 

Magic Mountains - art by Ugo Rondinone, colorful stone sculptures in Nevada desert

Environmental Art: Can Art Save the Planet?

The world has a lot of environmental challenges. Pollution, waste, overconsumption, climate change are just some of the problems affecting our planet and urging people to rethink their lifestyle and artists to rethink their art. As a result, more and more artists are creating environmental art that raises awareness and offers answers to some of the environmental issues we are facing today.