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Welcome to the LEVEL, a group of experts who believe in power of art to initiate personal transformation. We deliver high quality lectures that improve cultural competence and expand our emotional intelligence through works of art.


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Japanese samurai girl holding a sward

Embracing Femininity and Masculinity: Lessons from Japan

In this talk we will explore Japanese art and examine how we can embrace and cherish both - femininity and masculinity in our life. We will also study Japanese Samurai to appreciate their approach, how to be a warrior during times of war and how to show compassion, care and civilian duty during times of peace.

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Black and white photo of a woman and Arabic pattern fabric

The Art of Arab Dress

A new talk dedicated to the exploration of regional culture and heritage through learning about traditional women's clothing in the Arab world

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Dead bird and plastic art

Down To Earth: The Power Of Beauty To Change Us and Our Planet

After working on several art projects revealing dramatic ecological effects of overconsumption, pollution and waste, Chris Jordan finds the solution in beauty. Join our online talk and celebrate World Environment Day exploring alternative, peaceful and sustainable approaches to environmental issues.

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Chinese Calligraphy Styles: How to Tell them Apart

Chinese Calligraphy Styles: How to Tell them Apart

Calligraphy has a special status in China, as the Chinese culture is devoted to the power of the written word. Over time, the changes in the materials, tools and government requirements, caused calligraphy to transform. Old styles were pushed aside as new, more modern styles appeared. Here are some ways you can tell apart different Chinese calligraphy styles.

A Japanese woman serving tea

The Art of the Japanese Tea Ceremony

The tea ceremony has a special place in Japanese culture. Preparing and drinking tea is a meditative process that brings tranquillity, and balance to participators, by allowing them to forget about the daily problems and immerse themselves into the way of the tea.

Contemporary street art Arabic calligraphy by El Seed

Calligraphy in Arab Art

Calligraphy, the art of beautiful handwriting was carefully nurtured in many parts of the world. In the Middle East, Arabic calligraphy found its way into every part of human life. It has moved beyond paper and incorporated itself into many different art forms and materials.