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  • Magical Children in Mythology

    Mythology is filled with stories of magical children, many of them orphans. From the Celtic children of Lir to Luke Skywalker, from Moses to the Magical Girls of anime, we have long been fascinated by this important mythical archetype. Who are these magical children and what have they trying to teach us? Join us for…

  • Childhood on Screen: Exploring Allegories in Iranian and World Cinema

    World cinema has turned to the child as a significant figure to explore social issues. At times, the child functions as an allegory, representing the nation. In this talk, we look at the number of ways in which filmmakers from all over the world use the child figure to explore society and culture. Then, we turn…

  • The Death of the Sitcom?

    This session will consider the format of the sitcom, introducing ideas and characteristics of what was once a staple of television. The sitcom has dramatically changed but at its essence, usually revolved around characters trapped to each other and a specific type of space or circumstance. This session will discuss a range of American and…

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  •  The Selfie Confessional
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     The Selfie Confessional

    In the annals of photographic history, few phenomena have reshaped the landscape of self-expression quite like the selfie. Born from the fusion of technology, social media, and a cultural shift towards individualism, the selfie has transcended its humble beginnings to become a ubiquitous form of communication and self-representation.

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