Punk rocker with green irokez/ mohawk hair style relaxes at the beach ONLINE EVENT - 16TH JUNE 2021 Subculture Style And Counterculture Rebellion– A Brief History Of Cool BUY TICKETS Collage by Tschabalala Self ONLINE EVENT - 24TH JUNE 2021 Feminist Art BUY TICKETS Olaudah Equiano portrait for Black British history ONLINE EVENT - 1ST JUL 2021 Hidden Histories: A Re-education in Black British Heritage BUY TICKETS Chinese girl with a white umbrella ONLINE EVENT - 08TH JULY 2021 Female Beauty Standards in China: a brief review of the history BUY TICKETS A man samurai wearing black belt and kimono for martial arts ONLINE EVENT - 15TH JULY 2021 Japanese Culture: Bushido Code of Conduct and Tips for a Modern Samurai BUY TICKETS COMING UP A Brief History of Drag Japanese Calligraphy as Guided Meditation Hidden Histories: A Re-education in Black British Heritage EVENT SCHEDULE Feminist Art Subculture Style And Counterculture Rebellion– A Brief History Of Cool

Welcome to the LEVEL, a group of experts who believe in power of art to initiate personal transformation. We deliver high quality lectures that improve cultural competence and expand our emotional intelligence through works of art.


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Feminist Art

Feminist Art

Exploring how feminist artists are addressing concerns of  race, class, privilege, and gender identity in their work today.

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Generation Z - a surreal portrait of a boy surrounded social media and internet symbols

Worlds Apart: A Generation Divided

In this talk we investigate through a materialist lens the shifting approaches to culture, humour and politics as a generation raised on the internet and subjected to constant streams of information comes of age. 

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Chinese women of three generations

The story of four generations – culture changes in China

Significant changes occurred in China over the past 40 years since it's opening up reform. How does that impact on the life and values of each generation? This lecture explores the similarities and differences of four generations in China and aims to provide an overall review of the challenges and opportunities each generation faces.

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Naked black woman on a bed - artwork by Mickalene Thomas

A Brief History of Feminist Art

Feminist artists aimed to rewrite male-dominated art history and the tradition of seeing women as objects for male pleasure. Battle for gender equality and equal opportunities, led by the feminist art movement helped female artists gain grander recognition, in a male-dominated world of art. 

Magic Mountains - art by Ugo Rondinone, colorful stone sculptures in Nevada desert

Environmental Art: Can Art Save the Planet?

The world has a lot of environmental challenges. Pollution, waste, overconsumption, climate change are just some of the problems affecting our planet and urging people to rethink their lifestyle and artists to rethink their art. As a result, more and more artists are creating environmental art that raises awareness and offers answers to some of the environmental issues we are facing today.

Arab woman covering her face

Arab Dresses and Veils: An Introduction to the Arab Fashion

Contrary to popular opinion, different Arab nations and different regions have their own preferred dress and headscarf types. The versatility of Arab dresses is often the source of confusion. In this blog post, we’ll highlight some elements of the traditional Arab garments, worn in different parts of the Arabic world.