Welcome to the LEVEL! We invite extraordinary speakers, thinkers, researchers and authors to share their views and ideas with our community of open-minded and curious individuals. Join our online talks and discussions to expand your understanding of others, yourself and the world we live in.

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    Chimeras and Dreams as Reality : Symbolism in Visual Arts at the Dawn of the 20th Century 

    In this talk we will be discussing how in late 19th century Europe, illusions, chimeras, dreams and ideas became a new proposal of looking at the world.

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    Japanese Calligraphy – ‘craft’

    Join our next Japanese Calligraphy session exploring a new kanji – ‘craft’. Enjoy mastering a new character and learning about Japanese culture.

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    Japanese Calligraphy – ‘nostalgia’

    This is a series of workshops designed by Azumi Uchitani to explore Japanese culture through the art of calligraphy and language. We will meet bi-weekly, slowly moving from season to season and uncovering new characters, rituals, concepts and beliefs deeply rooted in Japanese lifestyle. Each event we will centre around a new symbol: we will…

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    Japanese Calligraphy – ‘play’

    Through the lens of 遊ぶ (play) we’ll explore the joy and spontaneity of play, infusing our artwork with a sense of wonder and adventure.

  • Koi fish - inner peace
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    Japanese Calligraphy: Inner Peace

    Yasuragi is a concept or feeling of inner peace. However, it is also an attitude, a relation which a person can build with the outside world. Join the next Japanese calligraphy session with Azumi Uchitani to enjoy creating this beautiful kanji and find out more about the Yasuragi way of living.



Learning With Purpose

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Relevant topics and content

We design unique, socially relevant events: no information overload, no Wikipedia style. We believe that in our days ‘knowledge for knowledge’s sake is a waste of time; knowledge must lead to better understanding’. With that in mind, we craft every event.

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Explored through art and culture

Culture is a wonderful mirror for opinions prevailing in a society. Using artistic forms of expression and cultural practices allow us to enter into a dialogue without prejudices, norms or stigmas.

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To understand ourselves and others

We live in a global world. In order to collaborate, build relationship (business or private) and create peaceful and inclusive future, we need to master seeing different perspectives and respect them.

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  • The Joyful World of Animation
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    The Joyful World of Animation

    From the golden age of hand-drawn cartoons to the digital revolution of modern animation, humour has served as a guiding force, shaping narratives, defining characters, and captivating audiences with its universal appeal.

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