Japanese Calligraphy: bi-weekly workshops

Welcome to our regular sessions dedicated to Japanese calligraphy, culture and philosophy. Please, register to receive Zoom link and join us online for an hour of immersive experience of poetry, meditation, wisdom and calligraphy practice. It is recommended to have a calligraphy kit (brush, ink and rice paper). However, if you are a beginner and want to give it the first try, you can also experiment with other mediums (pens, markers etc). We are looking forward to welcoming you in our community!

  • Japanese Calligraphy: unification
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    Japanese Calligraphy: unification

    Join our next Japanes ecalligraphy session focusing on kanji ‘unification’. The concept of “統” underscores the Japanese cultural values of unity, synergy, and the artful orchestration of diverse elements to create a harmonious and flourishing whole. Read more

  • Japanese Calligraphy: ‘to transmit’
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    Japanese Calligraphy: ‘to transmit’

    Join our next Japanese calligraphy session and learn kanji “den” which encapsulates the profound connection between past, present, and future, serving as a vessel through which the spirit of the culture is perpetuated and enriched.  Read more

  • Japanese Calligraphy: ‘marriage’
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    Japanese Calligraphy: ‘marriage’

    In Japanese culture, the institution of marriage, or “kekkon” (結婚), holds deep-rooted significance, embodying the values of tradition, family, and societal harmony. Marriages are often seen as a union not just between two individuals, but between families, connecting lineages and fostering a sense of continuity. Read more

  • Japanese Calligraphy: knot
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    Japanese Calligraphy: knot

    In Japanese culture, the concept of “結” (knot, tie up), or “musubu,” holds a deep and multifaceted significance. This kanji represents the act of binding, connecting, and uniting, reflecting the essence of relationships, harmony, and the interconnectedness of all things. Read more

  • Japanese Calligraphy: love
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    Japanese Calligraphy: love

    In Japanese culture, love is an intricate combination of emotions, values, and connections, where authenticity, loyalty, and the mutual pursuit of shared well-being form the foundation of this profound sentiment. Read more

  • Japanese Calligraphy: door
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    Japanese Calligraphy: door

    Join our next Japanese calligraphy session exploring kanji ‘door’. In Japanese culture, the concept of a “door” transcends its functional role as a mere entryway, becoming a symbol of transition, opportunity, and respect. Read more

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