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forgery and fraud

Behind the Facade: a False Narrative of Art Authenticity

This talk focuses on two particular case studies that represent a fake on the one hand and a forgery on the other, that were both sold in London a few years ago and are now in two of the leading art collections in the world and remain on display. Using a range of sources and methodologies, the true story of these deceptive objects will become clear, and they can act as cyphers for numerous other problematic items circulating in the art market today.


Jean-Michel Basquiat: painting history

This talk explores Basquiat as a history painter, an artist who documents our shared histories. We will look at Basquiat’s art and how it records and interprets Black history in the US in all of its complexities from jazz to film, colonization to police brutality.

ageing women hands

The Beauty of Ageing

  Join Samantha Allen for a body positive talk that reclaims our narrative on ageing.  Understand why that opposition exists and why we need to create better, less invisible futures for ourselves as women.