Bespoke Japanese Cultural Experiences

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Japanese Calligraphy for Inner Peace and Focus

Invite your team to join the journey to inner peace and unwavering focus in the midst of the hectic business world with our workshop. Delve into the mesmerising art of brushwork, where each stroke signifies mindfulness and balance. This workshop is a unique opportunity for teams to discover a deeper sense of serenity and concentration, enhancing their ability to thrive!

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ZenMind: Cultivating Mindfulness

Navigate the complexities of the modern business world with our ZenMind training. Discover ancient principles rooted in mindfulness and resilience that offer innovative solutions for thriving in challenging environments. This training equips teams with invaluable tools to enhance adaptability, focus, and overall well-being in the midst of today’s demanding corporate landscape.

Japanese business values
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Navigating Japanese Business Values

Gain insights into the principles of respect, integrity, and harmony that underpin Japanese corporate culture, fostering stronger, more productive working relationships. This training equips teams with the cultural awareness and communication skills essential for successful and harmonious business partnerships with their Japanese colleagues.

Unlock a world of exclusive Japanese cultural workshops and trainings with us!

Explore the diverse programs in our portfolio, or take it a step further – get in touch, and we’ll craft a tailor-made, bespoke cultural experience designed to meet your unique needs and desires. Whether you’re drawn to the art of origami, the intricacies of traditional flower arrangements, or the immersive weekend filled with Japanese cooking classes, spiritual growth, and cultural activities throughout Europe, we’re here to make your perfect business team event a reality.

Reach out now and let us transform your aspirations into cherished, unforgettable memories.

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Corporate Tranquili-Tea: The Japanese Way

Experience the grace and tradition of the Japanese Tea Ceremony in our newest workshop for business teams. Delve into the rituals and philosophy of this ancient practice, finding serenity, connection, and mindfulness with every carefully prepared cup of matcha.

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Kintsugi: Embrace Resilience

Join our newly designed workshop and learn how this ancient Japanese art form teaches participants the transformative power of mending brokenness with gold, symbolising the strength found in embracing imperfections and setbacks. Through kintsugi, teams learn to transform challenges into opportunities, creating a culture of adaptability and resilience that can elevate business success.

Creativity with Haiku
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Cultivating Creativity with Haiku poetry

Explore the art of mindfulness and creativity through our “Haiku Poetry” workshop. Uncover the power of capturing the present moment in three lines, finding beauty and inspiration in the ordinary. This workshop not only hones focus and creativity but also provides a fresh perspective, making it an excellent tool for teams seeking innovative solutions and fresh thinking in their professional endeavours.

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