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During these challenging times, we decided to invite everyone to share this space with us, explore different perspectives and simply get some peace of mind. The upcoming events below are free.

Upcoming events:

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The Epicurean Way of Life

On how to find a simple and optimistic approach to a happy life, understand the universe and our place in it. 

01st Mar | by P. Wyss | RSVP

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The Roots of the Demonic

Examining why there is cruelty and suffering in the world and what is the genesis of darkness.

02nd Mar | by G. Baddeley | RSVP

Japanese art - woman brushing her hair
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Japanese Calligraphy: 女 Onna

Finding more grounding, peace of mind and hope through the lens of Japanese culture and values.

7th Mar | by A. Uchitani | RSVP

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Japanese Longevity

Discussing Japanese philosophy supporting long, happy life and ways to cope with fears.

16th Mar | by A. Uchitani | RSVP

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Japanese Calligraphy: 桃 Momo

Finding more grounding, peace of mind and hope through the lens of Japanese culture and values.

21st Mar | by A. Uchitani | RSVP

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Mental Health: An Ayurvedic Perspective

Tuning into the body in an attempt to reach inner peace and alignment with the self.

16th Mar | by A. Kumar | RSVP

Video Recordings:

Freedom of Expression: Art vs Media

By looking at the Cold War Politics and the role of the media during this tumultuous time, we will see how painters interrogated the reliability of the images around them.

by Bojana Popovic | WATCH NOW
Art as Political Protest

In this talk we will look at how key political events of the 20th century have shaped art. Our particular focus is on the aftermath of World War II and how some contemporary artists still find themselves working in a ‘post-war’ era.

by Bojana Popovic | WATCH NOW
Politics in Art

This lecture will draw parallels between a selection of prominent contemporary artists who are using their creative practices to bring to light political issues of present day. We will focus on artists from different backgrounds: BANKSY, Kehinde Wiley, Dana Schutz.

by Bojana Popovic | WATCH NOW
Stoic Wisdom Today

In this talk we explore four central ethical themes: understanding what benefits us, choosing what promotes our well-being, developing a sense for what is up to us (and what is not), and being affiliated with others and the world around us. 

by P. Wyss | WATCH NOW
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