Secrets of Longer Life: Japanese Longevity and Good Health

Over decades Japan has been consistently recognised for higher life expectancy and healthier lifestyle. What are the secrets to maintain strong health? Although there have been a number of studies made and a clear causal relationship has not been found, it is believed that the secret of long life in Japan is a combination of diet, exercise, connection to nature, hygiene and ikigai (生き甲斐 ‘joie de vivre’ or reason for being).

In our previous talks we discussed some parts of this simple formula (i.e. Japanese food, Tea ceremony or Shintoism). This talk will focus on a holistic approach, exploring how all these areas of life jointly form a unique philosophy of living and how having a purpose in life and engagement with community work contribute to health and life expectancy.

Approaching Shunbun no Hi, the Japanese holiday during the vernal equinox, we would like to invite you to celebrate the arrival of spring, a symbol of new life and explore the Japanese approach to a long life and vitality.


We are sorry! This event has ended. You can watch its recording below or book your place at one of our upcoming events.


Azumi Uchitani is an Intercultural business consultant, keynote speaker, writer, artist and founder of Japanese SALON art & culture, based in the Netherlands. She is a two-times TEDx speaker, appearing Dutch TV and media and delivering talks to an international audience in Europe and in the US.
Azumi is on a mission to build an essential bridge between Japan and Europe, helping global leaders discover Japanese ancient wisdom beyond culture, teaching how to apply its wisdom in everyday life, act with inner peace and create
conscious leadership and fulfilling life. Azumi decodes the complexity of Japanese culture, tradition, philosophy, spirituality and unspoken rules into a simple essence of wisdom. She was born into a traditional spiritual Japanese family and raised with the teachings of Shingon Buddhism and Shinto. The spiritual and cultural practices, such as tea ceremony, flower arrangement, calligraphy have always been a part of her life, besides that, her grandmother was a kimono maker.
Her insights, a series of talks are available on her YouTube channel “5 minutes on Japanese Wisdom” on YouTube.

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