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Welcome to the LEVEL, a group of experts who believe in power of art to initiate personal transformation. We deliver high quality lectures that improve cultural competence and expand our emotional intelligence through works of art.


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Two girls at the photography exhibition

How to Read a Painting?

This is an interactive talk to show participants how to read and decode different aspects of paintings by analysing their elements.

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Installation art piece

Installation Art

Looking beyond 2D and 3D art, we will explore artists who create windows into new worlds through their immersive art works.

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Political street art graffiti by Banksi

Politics in Contemporary Art

This lecture will draw parallels between prominent contemporary artists who are using their creative practices to bring to light political issues of present day.

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Latin American art

Latin American Art Through Centuries

Latin American art is a very wide term encompassing many different artistic genres, styles and movements. In this blog post we will explore its major characteristics and concepts.

Political street art Don't think, don't ask, pay tax, vote for us

How Art and Politics Influence and Shape Each Other

Artists can be activists themselves, as a part of a political movement or organisation, but many times they cause political change singlehandedly without joining any pre-existing political force. In this blog post, we’ll look into the critical and emancipatory role art can have in society, as well as participatory art and propaganda art.

Sculpture of Venice on an orange background

Decolonisation of the Arts and Heritage Sector

Many European museum collections contain artefacts, taken from former colonies. Many people make the mistake of equalizing decolonisation of the arts and heritage sector with restitution and reparations for stolen objects. But decolonisation of cultural heritage, also means changing the institutions from within, opening them up for different voices and narratives.