Childhood on Screen: Exploring Allegories in Iranian and World Cinema

World cinema has turned to the child as a significant figure to explore social issues. At times, the child functions as an allegory, representing the nation. In this talk, we look at the number of ways in which filmmakers from all over the world use the child figure to explore society and culture. Then, we turn to post-revolutionary Iranian cinema to dive deeper into the treatment of childhood, thinking about the ways in which the child figure offers strategies for directors to bypass censorship.

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Zahra Khosroshahi
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Dr Zahra Khosroshahi (she/her) is a lecturer at the University of Glasgow, UK in Film & Television studies. She is currently working on her forthcoming monograph on Iranian women filmmakers. Outside of academia, Zahra is the co-founder of Thousand & One: an enterprise that supports fellow women of colour in the workplace.
Twitter @zahrafkh Instagram @zahratheacademic

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