Punk rocker with green irokez/ mohawk hair style relaxes at the beach ONLINE EVENT - 16TH JUNE 2021 Subculture Style And Counterculture Rebellion– A Brief History Of Cool BUY TICKETS Collage by Tschabalala Self ONLINE EVENT - 24TH JUNE 2021 Feminist Art BUY TICKETS Olaudah Equiano portrait for Black British history ONLINE EVENT - 1ST JUL 2021 Hidden Histories: A Re-education in Black British Heritage BUY TICKETS Chinese girl with a white umbrella ONLINE EVENT - 08TH JULY 2021 Female Beauty Standards in China: a brief review of the history BUY TICKETS A man samurai wearing black belt and kimono for martial arts ONLINE EVENT - 15TH JULY 2021 Japanese Culture: Bushido Code of Conduct and Tips for a Modern Samurai BUY TICKETS COMING UP A Brief History of Drag Japanese Calligraphy as Guided Meditation Hidden Histories: A Re-education in Black British Heritage EVENT SCHEDULE Feminist Art Subculture Style And Counterculture Rebellion– A Brief History Of Cool

Welcome to the LEVEL, a group of experts who believe in power of art to initiate personal transformation. We deliver high quality lectures that improve cultural competence and expand our emotional intelligence through works of art.


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Dead bird and plastic art

Down To Earth: The Power Of Beauty To Change Us and Our Planet

After working on several art projects revealing dramatic ecological effects of overconsumption, pollution and waste, Chris Jordan finds the solution in beauty. Join our online talk and celebrate World Environment Day exploring alternative, peaceful and sustainable approaches to environmental issues.

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Japanese samurai girl holding a sward

Embracing Femininity and Masculinity: Lessons from Japan

In this talk we will explore Japanese art and examine how we can embrace and cherish both - femininity and masculinity in our life. We will also study Japanese Samurai to appreciate their approach, how to be a warrior during times of war and how to show compassion, care and civilian duty during times of peace.

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Cindy Sherman artwork

Exploring Gender through Art

For LGBT Pride Month we will be hosting a lecture on Exploring Gender through contemporary art. In this session we will focus on artists who have radically transformed the way sexuality and gender are portrayed in art, challenging what was once deemed to be taboo topics and confronting the viewers to revaluate their preconceptions.

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