Creatures of the Night: an Unnatural History of Monsters

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With Halloween fast approaching, it is time to reacquaint ourselves with some of pop culture’s most loved – and paradoxically feared – icons. Count Dracula. The Frankenstein Monster. The Mummy. The Wolfman. We now encounter them as fancy dress costumes and cartoons, in breakfast cereals and boardgames, these fearsome figures that once filled our ancestors with dread, are now more about fun than fear. But how – and why – did they survive, evolve, and thrive?

Gavin Baddeley, our guide for the evening, will take us to the twisted, shadowy roots of these myths in the vaults of history, and show how vintage Hollywood horror movies, and contemporary social anxieties, have transformed them into the creatures of night we know, love, and fear today. On our journey, we will address such spooky seasonal questions as ‘why does Dracula wear an opera cape?’ and ‘why does the Frankenstein Monster have bolts in his neck?’

Join us for an absorbing, informative evening of Halloween fun, which will shed a little light on the dark side of our world, our culture, and even ourselves.


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Gavin Baddeley speaker

Speaker: Gavin Baddeley

Gavin Baddeley is an author, journalist, and occult historian, whose works include LUCIFER RISING, SAUCY JACK, and THE GOSPEL OF FILTH. He’s worked for every major television network as a consultant or interviewee, and is in demand as a public speaker, addressing both academic and popular audiences on a broad range of topics, from vampirism in England, to the history of counterculture.

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