From Conflict to Creation – how art can build bridges

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We are thrilled to announce an upcoming event that promises to ignite thought-provoking conversations and inspire positive change. Join us for a captivating panel discussion and celebrate International Peace Day 2023.

In a world often marked by division and discord, this discussion aims to explore the transformative power of art as a means to bridge gaps and foster understanding. Bringing together a diverse range of perspectives, our esteemed panel features peace activists, filmmakers, journalists, and musicians. Through their experiences and insights, we will delve into the ways in which artistic expression can transcend boundaries, cultivate empathy, and pave the way for a more harmonious world. Prepare to be immersed in a dynamic dialogue that celebrates the unifying potential of art while charting a path towards greater compassion and unity.



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Panelist: Jill Carr-Harris

Jill hails from Toronto Canada. She first came to India with the United Nations Development Program in 1985. Fascinated by international development, Jill lived and worked in the Philippines, Nepal, Bangladesh and India. Jill founded two civil society organisations in India: South-South Solidarity in 1986, and the Jai Jagat International in 2015. In both these organisations she combined education, women’s issues, and international development.

Jill received her PhD in education from the University of Toronto. Instead of taking up a position as a research scholar, Jill focused on training of marginalized communities especially women; as well as with youth on peace and justice issues. In 2007 Jill helped to establish the International Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence and Peace (IGINP) in Madurai, Tamilnadu and in 2017 supported the establishment of its sister organisation – IGINP Canada. In 2019-2020, Jill helped to lead a cross-continental peace walk of fifty persons from New Delhi to Geneva just before the onset of the Corona pandemic.


Panelist: Kasha Slavner

Kasha Sequoia Slavner is the GEN-Z founder of The Global Sunrise Project and director/screenwriter of the multi-award-winning documentary, The Sunrise Storyteller. Kasha has been a photographer, entrepreneur, and social justice advocate for over a decade, as well as a writer, public speaker and contributor to several publications, including National Geographic Learning. Kasha is an 15x UN Youth Delegate and was selected as the first winner of the Kim Phuc Youth Peace Prize. In 2019, she was the recipient of the Diana Award and most recently selected as one of the Wonder Grantees for Sustainability by the Shawn Mendes Foundation. She is long standing member of The Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, one of the Voices of SDG16+ and 2021 Climate Ambassador of the Global Youth Climate NetworkYouthtopia Ambassador, as well as a liaison of One Better World Collective, and an alumni of the Yunus & Youth social entrepreneurship program, Global Changemakers, & We Are Family Foundation. A 2021 Pathfinders for Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies Trailblazer, Ambassador of The Center for Responsible Leadership, 2x Basel Pacey Award Finalist, recipient of the Rick Love Young Innovators for Peace Award, a 2022 Commonwealth Youth Awards Finalist, Earth Prize AmbassadorEvolutionary Leader Artist for Ecocide Law and Leader for Tomorrow with UN Youth for Disarmament + more Trailer for 1.5 Degrees of Peace


Panelist: Camelia Ghazali

Camelia Ghazali is a multifaceted creative professional who has made a significant mark in the realm of international arts. With a passion for theatre, writing, directing, and producing, she has demonstrated her exceptional talents across a diverse range of projects and roles. As a director, Camelia has created a series of successful productions that reflected her innovative approach and keen understanding of theatre dynamics. Her directorial credits include “I am a Woman, Do you hear me?” staged at both Piccolo Theatre, Milan and Karlsruhe, Germany. In addition to her roles in writing and directing, Camelia’s acting skills have graced the stage. Her performances include “Off Theater City” (2009) at the Experimental Theater Festival, “Titos” (2010) at the International Student Theatre Festival, “Exit” (2011) at the Experimental Theatre Festival, and “Medea” (2011) at Drama House Hall. Camelia served as the Theatre Market Manager of the Fadjr Theater Festival in 2014 and held the position of International Expert for the festival in 2013. Her dedication to fostering cultural exchange is evidenced by her roles as International Expert and Coordinator at the International Fadjr Festival from 2012 to 2014 and the International Iranian University Festival from 2009 to 2010. Praxis theatre group

Panelist: Janmejay Singh

Janmejay Singh is a filmmaker and storyteller whose work focuses on Peace and Social movements. Janmejay started work with nonviolent movements in 2019, when he walked hundreds of kilometres in India and Armenia as a part of the Jai Jagat Global Peace Campaign around issues of poverty, climate justice, reduction of violence and social inclusivity. Prior to this, Janmejay participated in various endeavours for Peace and Nonviolence in India. Janmejay also has worked in India and Internationally as a director, editor and producer since 2009. As a director, he has made fiction projects such as Vandevi (2018, Short) – a fantasy story about a child who must transform to save the forest and her family and Inspector Matadeen on the Moon (Rel. 2020), an award winning satirical short about a policeman who goes to the moon to teach policing. He also also directed non-fiction projects including films and music videos on Jai Jagat Global Peace Campaign (2019-Present) and worked as producer for projects such as Jhini Jhini Bini Chadariya (2016, dir: Tanuja Shankar, co-Producer).


Panelist: Lukas Amirejibi

Lukas is a Georgian native who has spent the majority of their life in Russia, embarking on a diverse professional journey. While residing in Moscow, they worked as a journalist, copywriter and site assembler, gaining valuable experience in digital communication. He has written some articles focusing on climate change and ecology programs around the world. Simultaneously, they pursued academic excellence by enrolling in the Master’s program in Religious Studies at the Orthodox University. Unfortunately, the outbreak of conflict, unsettling shifts in university dynamics, and the charged atmosphere in Moscow compelled them to hastily depart the country, leaving behind their academic pursuits.

Upon returning to Georgia, Lukas faced a new chapter in life. They dedicated considerable effort to provide for their family during this period. It was during this time that they had a fortuitous encounter with Jill Carr-Harris, whose unwavering dedication and passion for peace deeply inspired them. Lukas made the resolute choice to participate in Jill’s Ahimsa International Campaign, which is devoted to disseminating the principles of peace and non-violence. This newfound purpose fuels their commitment to fostering positive change in the world, drawing upon their diverse experiences and the cherished values they hold dear. Ahimsa International

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