Restricted Imaginary for Restricted Border Regimes: images of migration shaping migratory policies

Imagination is not an innate talent. It is an inner and outer continuum born from the images that we see. This can be problematic when the images dealing with a foreign population are confined to a narrow range of motifs. Nigerian novelist Chimanada Ngozi Adiche pointed it as the ‘danger of the single story’. This talk will address Western collective imagination of migration by revealing its imprint in various visual fields (e.g. cartography, contemporary art, fashion) and by seeking ways to diversify its expression. 

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Elsa Gomis holds a Critical PhD by Practice in Film Studies from the University of East Anglia. She teaches European Cinema at Oxford Department of Modern Languages and is a Visiting Researcher at Maison Française of Oxford where she co-organises the webinar series New Imaginaries of Migration.

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