Books Read Aloud: ‘The Hunters’ by Claire Messud

The new online adult Books Read Aloud club will start its regular monthly sessions in January 2022. However, we would like to invite you to take part in taster events in November. During 1-1.5 long sessions, you will have the opportunity to get a flavour of what’s coming.

Believing in the power of books to improve people’s health and overall wellbeing, Book Club Bunch and LEVEL have joined forces to launch a new and revolutionary book club for adults.

Unlike other book clubs that expect participants to read in advance and prepare for the conversation, we welcome anyone to join the meetings at any time and without any preparation. You just have to be there and enjoy the finest works of literature, read aloud by professional actors and English literature scholars. 

There is no rigid session structure either! The conversations and discussions are spontaneous, frequently wandering off track to build a better connection with a story. Apart from governing the spontaneous discussions, our moderators will emphasize the gems of each book, and teach us to appreciate the many ways language can convey thoughts and ideas.

'The Hunters' novella by Claire Messud
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This time we will explore ‘The Hunters’ by Claire Messud.

In her novella, Claire Messud explores isolation and the nature of love. ‘The Hunters’ tells the story of an American academic in London who grows obsessed with the neighbours downstairs. Loneliness breeds an active imagination, one that may be destructive.

Join us as we delve into two outstanding literary works and enjoy stories read out loud by amazing actors! We work in small groups to maintain an intimate atmosphere that suits the spirit of the event. Hurry up, and get your ticket before they run out! Gift yourself some ME (or couple) time, feel the power of a small community, and let great stories take you away!

We are sorry! This event has ended. You can book your place at one of our upcoming events:

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