Feminism in Performance

The performance space is always a liminal one. A charged space, in which anything can happen and where identities shift, merge and are undone. It, like many other spaces in our world, is one which women have traditionally been excluded, reviled and derided. It is also where they have found voice, occupied space and changed perceptions about gender, class and lived experience. 

In this lecture we explore how feminists have used the performance space to investigate gender and gender myths, create opposing narratives to patriarchy and generated a space in which women and excluded minorities have found representation, acceptance, joy, anger and on occasion, community. Spanning across comedy, theatre and performance art, this talk is an overview of the ways in which feminist theory and thinking has suffused performance and performance history.

We are setting a series of talks about Feminism. The aim of this series is to define and understand the movement, bring up and break down most common myths surrounding it, explore the significance of modern feminism thoughts, and to invite all genders, men and women, to participate in a dialog around equality of rights and opportunities despite of biology and identity politics.

Join us as we discuss cases of Feminism in performance art and explore main ideas of the movement through a lens of artistic expression.

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Jordana Belaiche, London based dramaturg and educator
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Jordana Belaiche is a writer, director and dramaturg based in London. Her work centres on class and gender, she has a love of folklore, witchcraft and the occult and is well versed in all things uncanny. She is the author of two full length plays and several short stories. Find more of her projects and work through IG: @donttellthevillageelders

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