Japanese Culture: Bushido Code of Conduct and Tips for a Modern Samurai

Samurai warriors don’t exist today, however Samurai cultural legacy, principles of life and code of conduct (bushido, ‘the way of the warrior’) serve as a great source of knowledge and are deeply ingrained in Japanese culture. We see our everyday life and especially business environment as a place to compete, achieve and over-perform. Referring to Japanese wisdom of Samurai has been insightful to approach modern battlefields. This unique philosophy valued honour, reckless bravery and selflessness, as well as duty to the warrior’s master with the purpose of giving up one’s life and embracing death. There was no place for fear in the way of the warrior and this conduct of self discipline and respectful, ethical behaviour was to become the role model behaviour for modern lifestyle. In this one hour online talk we will explore 7 principles of Samurai philosophy and examine the everyday practices that can help us to sustain this behaviour.

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Azumi Uchitani, Japanese culture expert, lecturer
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Azumi Uchitani is an Intercultural business consultant, keynote speaker, writer, artist and founder of Japanese SALON art & culture, based in the Netherlands. She is a two-times TEDx speaker, appearing Dutch TV and media and delivering talks to an international audience in Europe and in the US.

Azumi is on a mission to build an essential bridge between Japan and Europe, helping global leaders discover Japanese ancient wisdom beyond culture, teaching how to apply its wisdom in everyday life, act with inner peace and create
conscious leadership and fulfilling life. Azumi decodes the complexity of Japanese culture, tradition, philosophy, spirituality and unspoken rules into a simple essence of wisdom. She was born into a traditional spiritual Japanese family and raised with the teachings of Shingon Buddhism and Shinto. The spiritual and cultural practices, such as tea ceremony, flower arrangement, calligraphy have always been a part of her life, besides that, her grandmother was a kimono maker.

Her insights, a series of talks are available on her YouTube channel “5 minutes on Japanese Wisdom” on YouTube.

http://www.azumiuchitani.com | http://www.japanessalon.nl

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