Masculine Women and Feminine Men: the Art of Dandyism

The Dandy archetype has provoked much excitement, eroticism and derision for many an age. The word invokes a figure whose care for themselves, their appearance and most importantly when they appear and who they’re with has been the subject of much scorn and fascination since the term was coined in the late 18th century.  We might think of Beau Brummell, Noel Coward or Oscar Wilde. The Dandy is enigmatic, refined and above all concerned with taste and class and through the gendered prism of perception the acquisition of such attributes has caused Dandyism to additionally become synonymous with queerness, with playing with one’s gender and gendered attributes.

In this talk we discuss the history of the Dandy, its relevance to fashion, arts, drag and theatre today and how we might learn from this playful archetype to further embody our own inner Dandy. 

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Jordana Belaiche is a writer, director and dramaturg based in London. Her work centres on class and gender, she has a love of folklore, witchcraft and the occult and is well versed in all things uncanny. She is the author of two full length plays and several short stories.

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