Power and Legacy of the Outcast 

They say that well behaved women rarely make history.  Join us for an exploration of the lives of two women who refused to conform to society’s expectations of them as women. We will be exploring the legacy of Mexican artist and writer, Nahui Olin and African American writer, Zora Neale Hurston to understand how these revolutionary women were highly celebrated in the 1920’s and yet ended up being ostracised and forgotten. We will discover how the legacy of these two powerful figures opened pathways for other women and how their work still has so much poignancy today. 

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Sam is an arts engagement specialist, working internationally with audiences, museum and heritage professionals to transform meaning and provide authentic engagement in programming, events and external communications. She is an innovator who combines strategic marketing, education and arts administration to catalyse change and has run her own international arts organisation since 2014. Sam is passionate advocate of racial activism and has a BA in Classical Studies and an MA in Arts Administration and Cultural Policy.

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