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Stoicism has seen an astonishing revival over the past decade. A range of popular books aims to make Stoic thinking available to a broad audience. But what is Stoicism? Is it all about repressing emotions, stiff upper lips, and being untouchable by anything? This interactive talk aims to rectify distorted conceptions like these. After a short historical and philosophical introduction to Stoicism, we explore four central ethical themes: understanding what benefits us, choosing what promotes our well-being, developing a sense for what is up to us (and what is not), and being affiliated with others and the world around us. This session presupposes no prior knowledge; it is meant for those who would like to better understand some basic themes in Stoicism.

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Peter Wyss
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Peter is a philosophical practitioner with more than fifteen years experience in higher and continuing education. For Oxford University and the Open University, he teaches a broad range of philosophical topics, yet his main interest is in ancient philosophy. When working, he is keen to raise awareness for the idea that philosophy is, or can be, a useful tool for reflecting on our everyday lives, and so for helping us to live well. Peter holds a PhD in philosophy and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

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