Subculture Style And Counterculture Rebellion– A Brief History Of Cool

For the best part of a century, a colourful cavalcade of countercultural tribes – from beatniks and Teddy boys, to cybergoths and scene kids – have enlivened our city streets. Provoking curiosity, fear, and contempt from outsiders in equal measure, many are content to dismiss them as the visible symptoms of youth rebellion. Most casual observers reduce countercultures to simply clothes and music. But, according to author Gavin Baddeley – who made a study of the subject for his acclaimed book ‘Street Culture’ – for the true devotee, the meaning of these tribes runs rather deeper. In his colourful, lively talk – aimed at both curious outsiders and seasoned street culture veterans – Gavin will lift the lid on the, often surprising, history of counterculture, while showing why they are at once wholly throwaway and absolutely key to the societies that spawn them. In the process, prepare to have the ways in which you see rebellion, style, and history given a thorough makeover!

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Gavin Baddeley is a journalist, lecturer and a TV consultant who specializes in the dark, decadent, and devilish aspects of Western culture. He is an acclaimed author who has made a successful career of writing on occult, rock music and trash culture for numerous publications. Having served as a consultant and interviewee on all UK terrestrial channels, Gavin is also active on the academic circuit, and has delivered talks at institutions including Cambridge University. He is the author of Lucifer RisingThe Gospel of FilthGoth Chic: A Connoisseur’s Guide to Dark CultureGoth: Vamps and Dandies, and Vampire Lovers: Screen s Seductive Creatures of the Night.

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