Surrealist Objects: Fetish and Fantasy

Surrealism was the first art movement to actively explore the ideas of Sigmund Freud. Founded by writers and artists who had been devastated by war and pandemic, Surrealism looked to Freud’s psychoanalysis as a way to work through their trauma, rebel against conformity and offer an alternative to the ‘rational’ mind. Their various experimentations in art allowed them to visualise the irrationality of dreams and desires.  

Although the Surrealists worked with many of Freud’s conceptions, this talk focuses in on ‘the fetish’, how it inspired surrealist ‘objects’ and what role it played in the landmark International Surrealist Exhibition on 1938. 

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Sarah Jaffray
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Sarah Jaffray holds a BA and MA in Art History with an emphasis in 19th/20th century France and a minor in the Italian Renaissance. She holds a second MA in Cultural Theory from Goldsmiths, University of London. Sarah was a lecturer for several colleges and universities in the Los Angeles area before relocating to London in 2012. She has worked in curatorial roles at the British Museum and Wellcome Collection. Sarah is currently a lecturer at the University of Arts London and Coordinator for City Lit’s Art History programme. Her art historical practice focuses on experimental narratives, artistic process, art pedagogy, politics and philosophy. Sarah’s current research is focused on translation and empathy.

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