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Power and Legacy of the Outcast 

Power and Legacy of the Outcast 

Join us for an exploration of the lives of two women who refused to conform to society’s expectations of them as women. We will be exploring the legacy of Mexican artist and writer, Nahui Olin and African American writer, Zora Neale Hurston to understand how these revolutionary women were highly celebrated in the 1920’s and yet ended up being ostracised and forgotten.



Join Samantha Allen for a journey through history to uncover great inventions and explore ideologies created by Black men and women that have shifted, disrupted and challenged how we see and experience the world today.

NANNY AND CHILD by Peter Magubane

Documents of Memory: South African photography in the 1980s

Documentary photography has retrospectively been associated with a progressive and liberal cause in South Africa. This photographic genre is inscribed within the 1980s and early 1990s, a moment in time when photography is widely considered as a ‘truth telling’ genre and an important source of documents articulated against the violence of the apartheid regime.

Caribbean carnival

The History of Caribbean Carnival in Britain

Join us to explore the celebratory history and purpose of a Caribbean Carnival to understand its combination of Trinidadian roots, African traditions and Jamaican sound system culture and how it came to symbolise freedom in the face of oppression for the Afro Caribbean community in West London’s Notting Hill carnival.

Cabaret culture

Cabaret Culture

The multi coloured world of cabaret is a vast spectrum of performance, incorporating visual arts, comedy, music, dance, strip tease, the list is seemingly endless. Join us as we discuss who what where when how and why is Cabaret.