9 Tips to Go Green in Domestic Circle

Going green in the contemporary age is not a choice but an emergency protocol. Opting for an eco-friendly lifestyle does not mean living efficiently. It means saving the planet from destruction. The pernicious effects of human activities have resulted in the extinction of many species, wildfires, Smog, decreased quality of marine life, and many more. 

This catastrophe cannot be ignored as the earth has started reacting to our incautious livelihood. If this situation persists, it may result in severe environmental decay and low quality of life. Life as we know it might cease to exist if we do not take specific measures right now.

The need for action is imminent. The question is, how can an ordinary human being contribute? 

Here are some tips on how you can contribute to saving our beloved planet.

Recycle Your Waste

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There were 292.4 million tons of municipal solid waste produced in the USA in 2018. Every person in the U.S. has about 4.5 pounds of garbage every day. Recycling is very crucial for plastic products. You can start by separating your e-waste, glass, paper, and organic waste.

Most of the time, the waste is not recycled because it is not adequately separated from other substances. Recycling helps turn waste materials into valuable products. 

Do Laundry Carefully

Doing laundry is an uphill task. Fast fashion has made it easier to throw clothes away and buy new ones after one use. But by reusing your clothes, you help reduce water pollution as textile pollutants are the second largest cause of water pollution. 

Using an eco-friendly detergent can also reduce the toxins in your used water. Use cold water instead of cold water to reduce energy consumption. The liquid detergent that one commonly uses may take two wash cycles to wash the clothes thoroughly, and it also requires a warm temperature of water to dissolve properly.There are better options available in the market today. You can use laundry detergent sheets in your washing machine. You can visit https://www.tru.earth/ to learn the most innovative ways to clean laundry. You can also use a dry line for drying your clothes instead of using a dryer machine to save energy. 

Save Energy

To save energy, you can replace all your light bulbs with energy-saving lightbulbs that are commonly found in the market nowadays. These bulbs help reduce your electricity bill and are an environment-friendly option for your house. 

Ensure that all the appliances that need electricity are turned off if a room is not occupied. In the daytime, use sunlight as an alternative for illuminating indoors.  These minor changes can help save energy and the planet in the long term.

Plastic Waste

According to Statista.com, the most significant cause of ocean garbage is the plastic bags we use daily. Hence it is better to use reusable grocery bags for carrying stuff.  

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The second-largest cause of ocean waste is plastic bottles. Make sure to reduce your plastic waste by reducing the use of disposable plastic cutlery. Try to use reusable water bottles instead of plastic water bottles. 

If you choose to buy a product that does not come in a plastic container, buy it. Sometimes packaging cannot be recycled even if we clean it and separate it for recycling; hence avoiding plastic packaging is a better option. 

Buy Local Products

Suppose you are ready to save nature by taking tedious measures. It would help if you started using local products as supporting local businesses can help reduce the fuel used to get there. The local market may use organic material, and you can reach there on foot. 

If you are getting your products shipped to you, they may be coming through airplane cargo which is harmful to the environment. Hence it is worthwhile to buy from the local market. 

Use Cloth

Many of us use paper tissue for cleaning purposes. Tissues are made from wood, which is causing deforestation. Deforestation has fatal consequences on human life; it causes global warming, greenhouse gasses, flooding, and loss of crops. 

Trees are an essential part of our ecosystem that needs to be saved. Thus using cloth instead of paper tissue can also help reduce the effects of deforestation. You may use recycled tissue paper to prevent cutting trees. Try to choose the products that share the same values as you do.

Compost Bin

You can make a small kitchen garden to get organic vegetables in your backyard. Installing a compost bin in your backyard can also help increase the fertility of your ground as well as it is a great way to dispose of organic waste. You can even make your compost bin for your facility. 

Transport Alternative

The CO2 emissions are increasing every year in billion metric tons. This high emission rate affects the ozone layer and causes global warming and U.V. violation, increasing the risk of skin diseases.

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To reduce your carbon footprint, use a bicycle for traveling shorter distances, and use public transport for extensive distance travel. 

Reuse Paper

Paper and pulp are the most significant cause of pollution in the air, water, and land. There are many toxins used in the production of paper that may affect the environment. If you have a craft paper, make sure that it has been used to its ultimate limits before disposing of it. Do not waste the paper that you have.

You can even make paper for crafting at home by shredding and converting the paper document into pulp. Then mix the pulp into a big container of water. Use a wide net once the pulp is mixed to collect a pulp sheet. Then dry the sheet. 

The quality of homemade paper is way better than other papers. The homemade paper is not just thicker. It is ideal for arts and craft purposes as you can customize it with dyes and other accessories.

In a nutshell, there are so many small steps that ordinary people can take in their daily life to enhance the quality of life on earth.

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