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The Roots of the Demonic and the Devil in the Middle Ages

In the first of four talks on the Devil and his disciples, author and journalist Gavin Baddeley traces the evolution of Evil, from the dawn of civilisation, to the Middle Ages. Gavin’s unusually qualified, as an ordained Reverend in the Church of Satan, so this event promises to offer a fresh perspective on the matter. ‘The Problem of Evil’ – why there is cruelty and suffering in the world – is a question that’s exercised generations of theologians and philosophers.

Francis Bacon

Artist in Focus: Francis Bacon

To coincide with the blockbuster exhibition 'Francis Bacon: Man and Beast' at the Royal Academy of Art in London, we will have a dedicated talk on this iconic artist. Characterised by his incredible ability to represent inner psychological turmoils and emotional torments, the works we will focus on hauntingly resonate through time.

Red lantern for Chinese New Year celebration

Chinese New Year Symbols and Traditions

Every year between January 21st and February 20th, the Chinese celebrate the beginning of a Lunar New Year with a festivity called the Spring Festival. The celebration that marks the beginning of spring, starts on the first new moon every year and lasts for 15 days, ending with a Lantern Festival. As we approach the Chinese New Year of 2022 let's take a look at some of the traditions, iconography, and decorations that have both festive and symbolic role. 

January 18, 2022January 18, 2022

Folklore, Myth and Romance

In this talk, just in time for Valentine's Day, we delve into romantic tropes of folklore and myth to derive a rich symbolic and cultural meaning from tales beloved and unknown. We will explore common story patterns and symbols to see what the tales we were told as children can tell us about the world we have come to inhabit. 

Kintsugi, Bowl, Gold, Cracks, Restoration,On,Old,Japanese,Pottery,Restored

Embracing Imperfections: Japanese Art of Kintsugi

The art of Kintsugi originates from Japan where artisans began using lacquer and gold pigment to put shattered vessels back together. Nowadays, this process of mending broken porcelains, dusted with gold, or silver powder, aims to make what once was broken look even more attractive than ever. Join our online workshop dedicated to Japanese art of Kintsugi and experience the healing power of artistic restoration.

theatre and utopia

Theatre and Utopia: Imagining Better Worlds

Are we as audiences drawn into idealistic worlds and stories because they can provide a blueprint for how best to undo oppressive structures in our own worlds? Do such performances serve as an optimistic and educational benchmark of culture or can utopia, if it is ever to be achieved, only exist on the stage or page rather than in the outside world? In this talk we explore the ways in which Utopia and Utopian ideals have been presented in performance and ask what the impact and effect of such performances has had upon us.