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samurai illustration

The History of Samurai Warriors: A Journey through History and Culture

The samurai, renowned warriors of ancient Japan, have captured the imagination of generations with their loyalty, exquisite skills, and profound philosophical principles. The history of samurai warriors encompasses not only the evolution of their military prowess but also their cultural impact and deep-rooted philosophies that continue to resonate even in modern times.

August 21, 2023August 21, 2023

Hermits – a place in the modern society

New generations are more preoccupied with the planet’s health, ecology and how pollution and stress are affecting our life quality. In a way, choosing to live today like a hermit in remote areas shows a burning desire of discovering a truth. This similarity with ancient hermits confirms that out there there must be a truth that will give meaning to our lives on Earth and enables us to move forward.

October 26, 2022November 1, 2022

Hippies – A Generation to Remember

We often question our lifestyle to find answers related to who we are and what is the meaning of our short presence in this world. One famous generation born just after WWII dared to stand aside and defy society. These are the exhilarating and transforming years dominated by the hippie movement. 

October 3, 2022October 3, 2022
A Japanese woman serving tea

The Art of the Japanese Tea Ceremony

The tea ceremony has a special place in Japanese culture. Preparing and drinking tea is a meditative process that brings tranquillity, and balance to participators, by allowing them to forget about the daily problems and immerse themselves into the way of the tea.

April 7, 2021June 13, 2022
Purple tree blossoms

Japanese Philosophy of Living

Today, we will discuss two Japanese life principles of Wabi-Sabi and Ikigai, whose goal is to teach us how to make the most of what we have and leave life to the fullest. Ikiɡai is there to help us find our true calling in life, while wabi-sabi can help us embrace the decay that comes with ageing, make peace with the things we cannot change, and enjoy our imperfect lives.

December 7, 2020June 13, 2022