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The Transformative Power of Art 

The Transformative Power of Art 

Art as therapy is a concept that taps into the innate potential of artistic expression to serve as a conduit for emotional healing and self-discovery. It is a deeply personal and often transformative journey that helps individuals navigate their inner emotional landscapes and find solace.

October 24, 2023October 24, 2023
The #MeToo Movement: Empowering Women

The #MeToo Movement: Empowering Women

The #MeToo movement, which gained global prominence in 2017, has emerged as a powerful force in addressing issues related to women's status and perception, sexual harassment, and gender inequality. This movement, primarily driven by social media, has brought to light the pervasive nature of harassment, amplified the voices of survivors, and initiated a conversation about the urgent need for societal change. 

September 21, 2023September 21, 2023
Yinka Shonibare

Culture and Self: Exploring Global Perspectives

The intricate relationship between culture and self has a profound significance in our increasingly interconnected world. The concept of self vs. others, deeply rooted in individual identity, is inextricably intertwined with the diverse cultures that influence our lives.

September 12, 2023September 12, 2023
Japanese woodblock print

The Immortal Beauty of the Japanese Woodblock Prints

Japanese woodblock prints are a true masterpiece that has inspired artists and designers for centuries. This beautiful and unique art form is characterised by bold colours, intricate patterns, and delicate lines that work together to create an instantly recognizable visual language.

August 15, 2023August 16, 2023
The African Generational Trauma

The African Generational Trauma

In recent years, artists have emerged as powerful agents of healing, empowerment, and social change, using their craft to address the generational trauma experienced by African communities. Their creative expressions challenge dominant narratives and provide spaces for dialogue and reflection.

July 3, 2023July 3, 2023
Some Considerations about Cultural Assimilation

Some Considerations about Cultural Assimilation

Today we are all experiencing cultural assimilation in one way or another. The continuous exposure to major social, cultural, and economic events are some of the predominant issues of contemporary times in which people are interconnected in several ways. Through this exposure, individuals adopt the cultural norms, values, practices, and behaviors of another culture, the dominant culture.

June 28, 2023June 28, 2023
Pino Pascali

Arte Povera and its timeless cultural importance

Arte Povera is an artistic movement that emerged in Italy in the late 1960s. The official definition of "Arte Povera" is "poor art" and reflects the movement's emphasis on using ordinary and humble materials in artistic creations. Arte Povera reacted to the materialism and consumer culture that characterised the post-war era.

June 4, 2023June 4, 2023