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Devil in art

Depictions of the Devil in Arts

Ever since the creation of the Bible, the Devil has been a figure that fascinates people and artists alike. In this blog post, we'll present the ways the portrayals of the Devil changed from the ancient mosaics to modern films and TV shows.

February 28, 2022June 13, 2022
Francis Bacon: Painting the Dark Side of Life

Francis Bacon: Painting the Dark Side of Life

British artist Francis Bacon is one of the best-known figurative painters of the 20th century. Notorious for his raw, unsettling imagery that conveys psychological states and turmoils, Bacon’s paintings capture the dark side of everyday life, through ambivalent and grotesque representations of animals and human figures.

January 26, 2022June 13, 2022
Wayne Thiebaud cakes

A Bitesize History of Food Art

From the lavishing Roman feasts to Instagram photos of today, depictions of food have always captivated the human imagination. The fascination led to the creation of food art, a special genre of art that features food, drinks, and other edibles as the main theme or the medium for the artwork.

November 16, 2021June 13, 2022
Contemporary African Art

Contemporary African Art

Contemporary African art is still highly underrepresented and misunderstood in the Western world. Drawing inspiration from traditional African artistic practices, contemporary African art is transformed by globalization. The mixture of traditional and contemporary elements remains one of the main characteristics of an art genre that is (despite many attempts) impossible to categorize.

November 1, 2021June 13, 2022
Painting by Paula Rego

Paula Rego: A Painter and a Storyteller

Paula Rego is one of the most influential British and Portuguese artists, whose works served as an inspiration for countless generations to come. Culling from children literature, old folks stories, Disney cartoons and grim fairy tales, artist Paula Rego juxtaposes fantasy and reality, innocence and cruelty, to depict the contradictions of human life. By confronting the personal and the political, the artist explores complex political issues and personal family tragedies, putting women and girls at the forefront of her grotesque narratives. 

October 19, 2021June 13, 2022
Wifredo Lam

Wifredo Lam: the Cuban Picasso

Wifredo Lam is one of the most eminent Cuban artists. His works reflect on the spiritual side of Cuban life and myths particularly connected to the African-inhabited area of Santeria and its many rituals. His works redefined the Western idea of “primitive” art, turning it into a narrative about the complex Cuban history of oppression and struggle.

September 20, 2021June 13, 2022
Amelia Pelaez

Cuban Art: Pre-revolutionary Art Movements

Cuban art closely followed the turbulent history of Cuba. As political and social conditions changed, so did the art and culture of the country. Incredibly versatile and diverse, Cuban art encompasses colonial iconography, European Cubism and Impressionism, Mexican muralism, and African and North American elements.

August 10, 2021June 13, 2022
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