Philosophy and Spirituality Events

Wisdom of Martial Arts: Transforming the Mind, the Body and Spirit

Wisdom of Martial Arts: Transforming the Mind, the Body and Spirit

Martial Arts and philosophy are extremely interlinked. Martial Arts make an organised system of combat practiced for physical, mental, spiritual development, and self-defence. In this talk you will be introduced to one of the principles, SHU HA RI, the three stages of developing and mastering any techniques and transforming the mind, body and spirit to bring unlimited potential.

tantra art

Tantra: Art, Science & Sexual Rituals

In Tantric thought the human body is visualised as a microcosm of the universe. The whole body with its biological and psychological processes becomes an instrument through which the cosmic power reveals itself. Tantra is both an experience of life and a scientific method by which man can bring out his inherent spiritual power. In this talk we will explore myths and facts connected to Tantra.


The Roots of the Demonic and the Devil in the Middle Ages

In the first of four talks on the Devil and his disciples, author and journalist Gavin Baddeley traces the evolution of Evil, from the dawn of civilisation, to the Middle Ages. Gavin’s unusually qualified, as an ordained Reverend in the Church of Satan, so this event promises to offer a fresh perspective on the matter. ‘The Problem of Evil’ – why there is cruelty and suffering in the world – is a question that’s exercised generations of theologians and philosophers.

Garden of Earthly Delights by Bosch

The Epicurean Way of Life

The Epicurean way of life is an appealingly simple and optimistic approach to a happy life, and it also includes intriguing views about the universe and our place in it. In this talk, we will discuss some of the central themes of Epicurean philosophy, and explore how we can integrate its insight in our lives today.

Ancestral Veneration

Ancestral Veneration: Honoring the Dead Across Cultures

Ancestral veneration is one of the oldest spiritual practices on the planet. Time honoured traditions of venerating and remembering those who have come before us, the dead and the long forgotten span across pre-colonial spiritual practices, seep into neo pseudo religious cult, saint followings and nearly every known culture across the globe. In this talk we explore what it means to honour or venerate one's ancestors.

Stoic philosophy

Stoic Wisdom Today

Stoicism has seen an astonishing revival over the past decade. But what is Stoicism? This interactive online talk aims to rectify distorted conceptions around the subject. After a short historical and philosophical introduction to Stoicism, we explore four central ethical themes: understanding what benefits us, choosing what promotes our well-being, developing a sense for what is up to us (and what is not), and being affiliated with others and the world around us.