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Why Architecture?

Architect and historian Rasmus Wærn, hailing from Sweden, invites us to delve into the essence of architecture. In his lecture, he will discuss the innate human need to convey our sentiments through the physical structures we create.

Iranian tiles

Addressing Dispersal: Repatriation, Restitution and Tracing Looted Tiles from Islamic Monuments

The subject of colonial-era violence, looting and removal of cultural heritage is a timely. The aim of this talk is to use a couple of related case studies to lay out a framework that could work for all stakeholders, to allow them to come together and address the range of related issues, some ways forward, and how to create a meaningful dialogue that transcends the range of different views on the subject.

wabi sabi

Wabi Sabi: the impermanent beauty of imperfection

Wabi-sabi concept offers to embrace imperfections and appreciate simplicity, natural state and deeper meanings in them. Wabi-sabi teaches us to accept what is not under our control, to strive for excellence rather than perfection, to appreciate failures and flaws, to live simple and slow down our pace. Join Azumi Uchitani in the conversation about Japanese ideas of wabi-sabi and what ‘beautiful’ means.

Consumption of Space and Time in Japanese Aesthetics

Consumption of Space and Time in Japanese Aesthetics

In this talk, Azumi will take you on a journey and discuss a concept of Ma (time and space in-between, a Confucius concept of the space between the edges, between the beginning and the end, the space and time in which we experience life), a perception of space in Japanese households and what arts mean to Japanese society. We will explore ideas of beauty as intellectual endeavors through mastery of Geisha and see how Japanese aesthetics and consumption of arts relate to everyday life.

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