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The Devil in The World Today

The Devil in The World Today

In the last of his talks on the Devil, author and occult historian Gavin Baddeley brings us bang up to date, detailing the part played by the Prince of Darkness in the crises we currently face. From the Second World War to Satanic Panic to September 11th and war in Ukraine - we will explore the role of Devil in 20th century.

tantra art

Tantra: Art, Science & Sexual Rituals

In Tantric thought the human body is visualised as a microcosm of the universe. The whole body with its biological and psychological processes becomes an instrument through which the cosmic power reveals itself. Tantra is both an experience of life and a scientific method by which man can bring out his inherent spiritual power. In this talk we will explore myths and facts connected to Tantra.

Witchcraft and the Early Modern Satan

Witchcraft and the Early Modern Satan

In the second of his talks on the Devil, Gavin Baddeley discusses the post-medieval period. Europe was convulsed with barbaric violence. Countless people were brutalised and often burnt alive during ‘the Witch Craze’. In our talk, Gavin focuses on the oft overlooked Satanic aspect of the phenomenon, before examining some of the other colourful individuals accused of being in league with Lucifer.


The Roots of the Demonic and the Devil in the Middle Ages

In the first of four talks on the Devil and his disciples, author and journalist Gavin Baddeley traces the evolution of Evil, from the dawn of civilisation, to the Middle Ages. Gavin’s unusually qualified, as an ordained Reverend in the Church of Satan, so this event promises to offer a fresh perspective on the matter. ‘The Problem of Evil’ – why there is cruelty and suffering in the world – is a question that’s exercised generations of theologians and philosophers.


Folklore, Myth and Romance

In this talk, just in time for Valentine's Day, we delve into romantic tropes of folklore and myth to derive a rich symbolic and cultural meaning from tales beloved and unknown. We will explore common story patterns and symbols to see what the tales we were told as children can tell us about the world we have come to inhabit.