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A History of Queer Women’s Hairstyles

A History of Queer Women’s Hairstyles

In this lecture, we’ll look at historic painting and illustrations, as well as modern photographs. We’ll read the words of queer women from the past and the present who found significance in their hair, as well as archival newspapers, biographies, and even modern-day Tumblr posts. A history of queer’s women’s hairstyles is as varied and diverse as the people whose heads are crowned by them.


Controversy in Conspiracy Theories?

The notion of the outsider as enlightened lies at the core of conspiracy theorist identity with the theorist assuming they are privy to special knowledge - that many cannot comprehend - uncovering the blueprint to world events. In this talk, we will explore the concept of conspiracy theory, looking at the underpinning logic and how the narratives stand out.


The figure of the gangster in South African photography, literature and cinema

This talk will consider the representation of the gangster with regard to its manifestations in post-94 photography, literature, music and cinema. It will address the complexities at stake in the performance of the ‘urban hustler’ and masculine ‘anti-hero’ and explore the tropes of conformity, vulnerability and so-called ‘deviance’.