Cuban Art I: Colonial Influences and Cuban Vanguardia

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This lecture is centred around the influences of Spanish colonialism on Cuban art and how its newly found independence led to the start of Cuban modernism. This lecture will consider a number of artists that formed part of the Cuban Vanguarde, amongst them will be Carlos Enriquez Gomez, Amelia Pelaez, Eduardo Abela, Mario Carrero and Fidelio Ponce de Leon. The lecture will look at the way in which these artists were influenced by European modernism and the Mexican muralist movement. We will consider what Latin American modernism looked like and how mestizo and Afro-Cuban cultural traces can be seen in Cuban modernism.

This is the first talk of Cuban Art series (5 classes in total) which is designed as an exciting journey through the history of art of the region. We encourage you to take the advantage of the whole package and book ‘Cuban Art Course’ ticket at a discount rate.


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Jasmine Chohan

Speaker: Jasmine Chohan

Jasmine Chohan is an Associate Lecturer and a final-year PhD student at the Courtauld Institute of Art. She specialises in Contemporary Cuban Art, Global Biennials, Contemporary Asian Art and Contemporary British Diaspora Art. Having first studied Cuban art at the San Alejandro School of Fine Arts in Havana, Jasmine later completed a course in Art History at the University of Havana in 2015. She continued her work in Cuba by working as an artistic producer and translator for the 12th Havana Biennial.

More recently, Jasmine has been researching the history of British Diaspora artists. She has been collaborating with groups such as the 1989 Collective and the Brilliant Club’s Scholars Programme to reach out to secondary schools in outer London boroughs to ensure the dissemination of this pertinent history to the next generation. To reinforce this work, Jasmine has recently collaborated with the Arts Cabinet to write the introduction to their upcoming publication on Art and Migration.

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