From Childhood to Adulthood – the Long Shadow of Where You Grow Up

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In this talk, we’ll discuss how where people grow up can leave an indelible mark on their life’s journey.

Using a variety of sources and compelling research, we’ll uncover the ways that living in disadvantaged neighbourhoods can impact individuals’ chances in life, from childhood to adulthood, and even affect their children’s futures. We’ll explore the barriers that arise from limited access to infrastructure, peer network, quality education, healthcare, and job opportunities, as well as the unseen toll of environmental hazards and stressors. Throughout our discussion of the long shadow of neighbourhood deprivation, we’ll highlight the implications for policy and intervention efforts, aimed at addressing social inequality and promoting equitable opportunities for all individuals and communities



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Franco Bezzo

Speaker: Franco Bonomi Bezzo

Franco Bonomi Bezzo is a research fellow at La Statale, University of Milan, as part of the ERC DESPO project, which deals with the political and social changes that have occurred as a result of European de-industrialisation. Franco is affiliated with the National Centre for Demographic Studies in Paris (INED) and the Centre for Labour Market and Development Studies (SALDRU) at the University of Cape Town. Franco works mainly on i) intersectional approaches to the study of inequality; ii) spatial political sociology; iii) basic income models and post-employment scenarios; iv) global south

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