The Death of the Sitcom?

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This session will consider the format of the sitcom, introducing ideas and characteristics of what was once a staple of television. The sitcom has dramatically changed but at its essence, usually revolved around characters trapped to each other and a specific type of space or circumstance. This session will discuss a range of American and British shows, including Seinfeld, Frasier, The Office and Peep Show to explore what comedy is, how the sitcom has changed and whether it has a future. The return of Frasier at the end of 2023, after nearly two decades may suggest there is but much of the success was arguably owed to a sense of nostalgia with older fans. Criticism in terms of the writing indicates a sense of displacement with the central character. In contrast a programme like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has remained a staple of subscription-based television for almost 20 years. This session will explore the role streaming services play in televised comedy and whether the concept and impact of the sitcom remains significant or a relegation of nostalgia.



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Daniel O'Brien

Speaker: Daniel O’Brien

Dr Daniel O’Brien is a Lecturer and Researcher in Film and Digital Media at theUniversity of Essex. He has published work on film, gaming, interactive art and video essays across a range of academic journals, books and audio-visual collections.
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