Decolonisation of the Arts and Heritage Sector: what does it all mean?

Since the Black Lives Matter movement of 2020, decolonisation in cultural heritage has been under great scrutiny in the arts sector. Decolonisation is a complex area that is about more than just the return of artefacts to their origin.  This webinar will look at decolonisation from a wider perspective in the art world, highlight the key conversations and debates from both national and international perspectives.  We will also consider who is getting decolonisation right and wrong by looking at some case studies and reflect on what heritage means to us as individuals and as a nation and how we can we promote and support authentic decolonisation practices in the future.

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Samantha Allen, speaker, educator
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Sam is an arts engagement specialist, working internationally with audiences, museum and heritage professionals to transform meaning and provide authentic engagement in programming, events and external communications. She is an innovator who combines strategic marketing, education and arts administration to catalyse change and has run her own international arts organisation since 2014. Sam is passionate advocate of racial activism and has a BA in Classical Studies and an MA in Arts Administration and Cultural Policy.

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