Exploring Chinese New Year and Culture Through Symbols & Traditions

As we are approaching one of the most celebrated events in the world – Chinese New Year, we would like to have a talk about Chinese symbols, especially those associated with the New Year festivities. Each culture has its unique expressions through symbols. What about Chinese culture? What are the must-know symbols when it comes to understanding Chinese culture? In this talk, you will be introduced to a number of Chinese symbols, their history and meaning and how they still influence Chinese life and art.

Catherine Xiang, Chinese culture and language expert, educator
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Catherine Xiang (MEd, PhD) is an established author and applied linguist with rich experience in the higher education as well as high profile consultancy industry to businesses that wish to engage with China. She is Coordinator of East Asian Languages at LSE, Programme Director for BSc International Relations and Chinese; as well as UK Director for LSE Confucius Institute for Business London. Originally from Shanghai, she is skilled in intercultural communication, translation, foreign languages, lecturing, TV and public speaking. She is also an expert in e‑learning and innovation in language learning. Her recent publications include ‘Mastering Chinese – a Complete Textbook for Beginners’, ‘Audio‑visual Media in Language Education’ and the forthcoming ‘China Ready – Chinese for Tourism and Hospitality’. In addition to her roles at LSE, she is an executive member of the British Chinese Language Teaching Society, a school governor and chief examiner of Charted Institute of Linguists. She has recently launched her own YouTube channel “字espresso” teaching the relationship between Chinese characters and words.

We are sorry! This event has ended. You can watch its recording below or book your place at one of our upcoming events:

In Partnership with Confucius Institute for Business London (LSE)

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The Confucius Institute for Business London (CIBL) combines the academic excellence of LSE and Tsinghua University with the business acumen of our five sponsor companies; HSBC, BP, Deloitte, Swire and Standard Chartered. With a strong focus on business communication, CIBL specialises in helping London business communities to learn Mandarin and foster greater understanding of the business culture in China. Alongside delivering business Chinese classes, we also host a number of events to promote wider Chinese culture and offer Executive Education Programmes.

The Chinese Language and Culture for Business Programme (CLCB) course is a part-time executive programme for anyone with a global vision and an interest in China. CLCB is a comprehensive course that covers not only the Chinese language, but also management and intercultural communication training. No matter your background, you will gain an in-depth knowledge of doing business with China. We currently offer CLCB on-campus an CLCB online programme options, we would encourage you to follow our LinkedIn page to find our more about or free events and executive education offer.

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