I’m Dreaming of a Weird Christmas: a Festive Feast of Fracked Up Films

Traditions ebb and flow, and these days Christmas is more about Mariah Carey and the Coca Cola truck than Yule logs or figgy pudding. Among the oddest traditions recently added to the seasonal calendar, is the annual debate over whether DIE HARD is a Christmas movie or not. But perhaps it’s time to put that one to bed, because there are many candidates for your Yuletide viewing far further out there than two hours watching Bruce Willis in a sweaty vest, before Alan Rickman topples off the Nakatomi Plaza. So, why not join cult film expert and trash movie aficionado Gavin Baddeley, as he beckons us to venture past the tinsel of Tinseltown, to investigate the dark underbelly of Hollywood’s obsession with Christmas, unwrapping the forgotten films that put the X-Rated into Xmas and the ho ho ho into horror? Prepare to be amused, amazed, and maybe just a little disturbed, as Gavin introduces us to a mob of murderous psycho Santas, hotly pursued by serial killers who only target Kris Kringles. Witness as Father Christmas vanquishes the Martians, defeats the Devil himself, or just wows you with his bodybuilder physique. Not so long ago, the Krampus was a largely forgotten Alpine fable, a hairy devil who punished naughty children at Christmas – now he stars in his own subgenre of shockers.

Prepare for secret seasonal S&M sex cults, killer Christmas trees, Nazi elves, and a snowman sex offender, in a carnival of Yuletide camp and deranged bad taste, guaranteed to flush all of the saccharine sentimentality and crass commercialism out of your Christmas. Bring a pen and paper to take notes – both to make a watchlist for your own weird Christmas viewing, and as a secret weapon to banish even the stubbornest unwelcome in-laws!

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Gavin Baddeley is an author, journalist, and occult historian, whose works include LUCIFER RISING, SAUCY JACK, and THE GOSPEL OF FILTH. He’s worked for every major television network as a consultant or interviewee, and is in demand as a public speaker, addressing both academic and popular audiences on a broad range of topics, from vampirism in England, to the history of counterculture.

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